Best Affordable Web Hosting – Our Top 3 Picks For 2024

websites need to be hosted on a web server. And most people don’t have the kind of money or expertise to get their server network running. So, they turn to third-party hosting services. In this case, web hosting is offered by thousands of services out there. 

But which is the best affordable web hosting service? With so many web hosting services out there, there is a lot of noise. And it becomes very difficult to cut through the noise to find the best hosting service that doesn’t make too big of a dent in your pocket. 

Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help. After thorough research, we’ve narrowed our search for the best cheap web hosting service down to three main contenders. All have their pros and their cons, which we will list out. Ultimately, the decision will lie with you, as your preference and budget will depend. Read below for more information. 

Best Affordable Web Hosting – An In-Depth Review

While we kept quality in mind, we also had to ensure that none of these services were too expensive for the average person to afford. We picked the services that offered the best bang for your buck, offering the lowest yearly prices while maintaining quality. 

You might not see names like GoDaddy, A2, or Hostwinds in this list because while the quality of these services is undeniable, they are expensive and, therefore, do not qualify for this list. We also made sure to avoid web hosting services that started cheap but brought out hidden costs or got more expensive after a brief introductory period.

Overall, we selected the services that offered the finest quality but stayed relatively cheap.

1. SiteGround

SiteGround is arguably the best affordable web hosting provider out there and has some highly versatile hosting solutions. It can accommodate WordPress users and has the added advantage of being very cost-friendly. SiteGround offers Google Cloud features and high-speed servers with amazing response time.

Best Affordable Web Hosting

SiteGround’s security features are also highly advanced. But how great is it? And is it worth the hype? SiteGround is very beginner-friendly and easy to use. It has a very intuitive design and can easily be customized to your needs and preferences. 

Amazing 24/7 Customer SupportHighly secure features, including constant monitoring and SSL certificates.WordPress hosting capabilityFree daily backupsAllows WordPress staging.Certain plugins and server configurations are restricted. 

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is another big name in the hosting space, it also offers shared web hosting and is also quite low-cost. Hostinger offers a Virtual Private Server (VPS) as well, which is the lowest hosting tier. Hostinger also provides compatibility with WordPress, like any other web hosting service worth its salt. 

Hostinger also allows you to optimize WordPress in a very simplistic way. Hostinger also has integrated many AI tools, as is the norm for SaaS products in 2024, with support for AI-based SEO tools and more. Setting up a website with Hostinger is quite easy, with its own Website Builder tool, which is enough for beginners trying to get their website up. Hostinger’s security, Hostinger also offers reliable SSL certificates and cloud-based protection against threats. 

Great uptime in testing. Gaming server hosting offers tools integrated. Has its own website builderDoesn’t allow dedicated web hosting.No phone-based customer support. 

3. DreamHost

DreamHost is the dream for people who want to build a website based on Linux-based architecture. DreamHost offers dedicated and shared hosting packages, as well as your typical WordPress support, VPS support, and even many dedicated payment plans. 

DreamHost servers are great if you go for the dedicated options. But, there is a caveat: DreamHost does not offer Windows-based dedicated servers. The only servers on offer are Linux-based. 

DreamHost also offers support for Pagely and the WP Engine, as well as a WP website builder. In terms of security, DreamHost lacks a bit, as it doesn’t offer any antimalware protection. However, it still offers basic SSL certificates and even antispam features on its email accounts. 

Impressive domain management features.Cloud-hosting services allowed.No data transfer limits.Allows WordPress Staging.Shared hosting doesn’t allow email accounts.No phone-based tech support.No Windows-based servers. 
  • Comparison Table
PricingFrom $2.99/mo with our coupon.From $13.75/moFrom $4.99/mo
Customer Support24/7 live chat, email, and phone support24/7 live chat support24/7 live chat support
FeaturesWordPress staging, User-friendly UI, easy installations, free CDN and daily backups, and WP Engine support.Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, customizable control panel.Free CDN and daily backups, WP Engine support.
SecurityAdvanced security and constant malware monitoring, SSL certificates.Lacks antimalware protection, SSL certificatesBasic security features and SSL certificates.
Best ForAll professionals, business owners, and even beginners. Businesses that are growing.Beginners and professionals looking for scalability.


So, these are the three best hosting services around that are also light on the pocket. Hostinger, DreamHost, and SiteGround are all great in their way and offer unique sets of features, pricing plans, and tailoring. Hostinger is known to be affordable and offers quick services. It is perfect for a general experience. 

Whereas DreamHost offers purely Linux-based servers. Though, it is a bit pricier, it is great for industry professionals who are looking for a more sophisticated experience. DreamHost lacks a bit in security features but more than makes up for it in versatility. 

SiteGround, on the other hand, is a jack of all trades, and it’s perfect for just about anyone looking to start their website, whether they are a small business or a large conglomerate. SiteGround offers impressive features in both security and speed. It also offers great customer support. If you ask us, we highly recommend going for SiteGround, as it is the best affordable web hosting option out there.